Thanks and Welcome Back, Tim and Sherri

Our main goal at Rocky Mountain Overseas is happy clients. We want them to use us again when they move, and recommend us to their friends. Moving internationally, or overseas contains many obstacles that we can help you overcome.

Three years ago we moved Tim and Sherri from Golden, Colorado to Hawaii. This year they moved back to Colorado. When they decided to move again, they called us. After their move back to Colorado, they wrote us this letter:

My wife and I recently returned home to Colorado after moving to Hawaii nearly three years ago. Darlene, and her staff were extremely helpful, and accommodating with our move to Oahu, and then our subsequent return home. As you might know, moving internationally is extremely stressful, and can be quite difficult. The staff at RMO made us feel comfortable and they alleviated any concerns we may have had regarding our move. They “took charge,” and were motivated. They listened to us when we needed support, and changed their logistical parameters when we were not comfortable with timing, or the process. In conclusion, we will use this company any time we move within the Denver metro area. I highly recommend this company for any, and all moves.

Cordially, Tim & Sherri

Mission accomplished! Happy customers! That’s what we do: help people move internationally and eliminate as much stress as possible.


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