Hawaii: Not Just For Winter Anymore

Does the thought of winter have you dreaming of tropical beaches? More than just a popular winter vacation destination for Americans, Hawaii is home to nearly a million and a half U.S. citizens. Here are a few facts about the newest state (having acheived statehood in 1959).

  • The average projected lifespan of those born in Hawaii in the year 2000 was 79.8 years (77.1 years if male; 82.5 if female), longer than the residents of any other state.
  • The rainiest place on Earth is Mt. Waialeale on the island of Kauai, where the average rainfall is 476 inches per year.
  • Hawaii is 2,390 miles away from the nearest continent (North America) and is considered the most isolated population center on earth.
  • The southernmost state in the United States is Hawaii.
  • Hawaii 5-0 was the longest-running police drama until Law and Order.

(Source: Random Facts)

For those who decide a two week stay in Hawaii is just too short, Rocky Mountain Overseas has ample experience moving families to the Hawaii time zone (that’s right, the Aloha State even has its own time zone).

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